Improving the lives of children and adults of ALL abilities through the interaction with horses.

Summit Equestrian Center

Improving the lives of children and adults of all abilities through the interaction with horses.*


Summit Equestrian Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is the only place in Northeast Indiana where people of ALL abilities can experience the joy of therapeutic horseback riding.

Looking for a place to help a loved one struggling to reengage with civilian life?  Want to get out of your wheelchair and ride a horse?  Does your child need to work on listening skills and following direction?  Are you interested in empowering people of all ages to try things they never thought possible?  This is what we do.

At Summit Equestrian we pride ourselves in thinking outside the box to help people discover the best in themselves.  Our facilitators, therapists, and horse professionals are united by our desire to help others and by our passion for providing high quality services. 

We strive to be the best we can be so that we can give you our best.  First, we are a PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Center, which means we have demonstrated excellence in providing quality equine assisted activities.  Also, our professional team is certified by important organizations including PATH Intl. (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International), EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association), and the AHA (American Hippotherapy Association).  We use these organizations to stay current on the latest therapeutic developments and techniques, allowing us to provide the best services in the region and ensuring each client receives top-notch care.

Take a minute to check out our human and equine staff. We look forward to meeting you! 


Adaptive riding

Mounted horseback riding for the purpose of contributing positively to cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being of people with developmental, sensory or physical disabilities through the teaching of horsemanship skills.

Benefits of therapeutic riding

  • Promoting strength
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Developing balance
  • Improving coordination
  • Helping breathing and circulation
  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Building self-esteem


The use of movement of the horse as a treatment strategy by Physical or Occupational Therapist and Speech/Language Pathologists to address impairments, functional limitations and disabilities in patients with neuromotor and sensory dysfunction.  This treatment strategy
is used as part of an integrated treatment program to achieve functional goals.  The Summit team is comprised of a Physical Therapist and two Physical Therapist Assistants with extensive Hippotherapy experience treating children with physical challenges.

Horse Day Camp

Three-hour riding & horsemanship skills, exploration into different riding disciplines including English, Western, bareback gaming and everything in between.  This camp is a great way to learn more about horses and the sports within the sport.  Horse Camp is fully inclusive and available to riders between the ages of 6 & 14.  Assistance is available for riders with physical, sensory, social or learning challenges.

Look at our Event page for dates and more info.


Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy

An interactive process in which a licensed mental health professional, working with an appropriately credentialed equine professional, partners with suitable equines to address psychotherapy goals set forth by the mental health professional and client.

Benefits of Equine-facilitated Psychotherapy include:

  • Fostering patience and empathy
  • Boosting trust and confidence
  • Enhancing attentiveness to others
  • Increasing control over one's own emotions of frustration and anger
  • Bettering communication skills

Equine-facilitated Learning

An educational approach to equine-assisted activities developed and organized by credentialed practitioners with the primary intent to facilitate personal growth and development of life skills through equine interactions.

Benefits of Equine-facilitated Learning includes:

  • Developing strong work ethic through dedication, time and effort in caring for horses
  • Fostering self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Helping us better understand our own non-verbal communication
  • Enhancing self-awareness

For individuals:

Walk beside the students during class and do not need much horse experience.  They are responsible for providing the students with emotional, educational, and physical support. 

Horse Leaders
Responsible for for leading the horse during class and do need a general knowledge of horses. They will also help prepare the horse for class such as grooming and tacking them up.

Special Event Volunteer
Help with special events at the barn (fun holiday activities, fundraisers, horse shows)

Barn/Ground Volunteer
Help maintain the beauty and safety of our buildings and property. They assist with cleaning our stalls, pastures, feeding, and work directly with barn staff to care for the horses and get them ready for class.


For Groups:

Property Maintenance
Keeping up with 7 acres and 10 horses is no small task! Groups are welcome to come and help ensure the safety and beautification of our facility for our riders. 

Fundraising Events
Summit Equestrian has several annual fundraising events throughout the year. Many hands providing time and talent are needed to ensure the excellence of each event.




Our little slice of paradise




Whether it be to inquire into a lesson, volunteering, our veterans programs, or just to say hello, drop us a comment or question below! Thank you for visiting!


Summit Equestrian Center is able to stay current on the latest therapeutic developments and techniques, allowing us to provide the best services in the region and ensuring each client receives top-notch care. We appreciate your generous donation, of any amount, for continued support to help change the lives of other through equine therapy.